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Glaucoma and Cataract

Both Cataract and Glaucoma are common with increasing age and many people over 60 have both.

Are those with glaucoma at higher risk of developing cataracts?

Those with glaucoma are  not usually at higher risk of developing cataracts.

Both eye conditions are more common with age, which is why many who have one disease may develop the other.

How will cataract surgery affect the glaucoma?

Cataract surgery can cause a change in eye pressure. In general, it is not possible to predict whether the eye pressure will rise, fall or stay the same after cataract surgery; however, most people have slightly lower eye pressure following cataract surgery. This is often not permanent and the pressure may increase again later.

Increases in eye pressure immediately after the surgery are called ‘pressure spikes’ and sometimes occur in patients 1-2 days after cataract surgery. Usually these are short-lived and can be easily treated with medications.

Dr Rogers may give you tablets or eye drops to use following surgery to prevent these pressure rises.

Is there a need to change glaucoma medication after cataract surgery?

After cataract surgery Dr Rogers might reassess the glaucoma drops. In some instances, glaucoma drops can be decreased.


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