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Meibomian Cyst or Chalazion

There are some important primary care issues for managing meibomian cysts:

  • a meibomian cyst or chalazion presents as a firm, painless lump in the lid which gradually enlarges. Initially, it may resemble a stye but lacks acute inflammatory signs. The majority point towards the conjunctival surface which may be slightly reddened or elevated
  • rarely, it may result in astigmatism due to direct pressure on the eyeball
  • infected cysts are treated as styes
  • a third of cases will resolve spontaneously and virtually all will resorb within two years
  • chalazions can be treated by surgical incision into the tarsal gland followed by curettage of the glandular material and glandular epithelium
  • gentle repeated massage of the cysts towards the opening in the eyelid margin and application of hot compresses can assist resolution.
  • if you are not sure what a meibomian cyst looks like, click here

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