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Squints (strabismus)

A strabismus, commonly known as a squint, is present when both eyes are not looking in the same direction. Sometimes, but not always, it will cause double vision.

Most often it is not due to a weakness of a muscle of the eye but is due more to the messages given to the muscles by the brain. A turned eye can occur because of a wide range of causes.

In children it is important that a turned eye is examined early to exclude serious disease such as an eye tumour and also to best assure that normal eye sight develops in a young child. The onset of a turned eye with or without double vision is also a serious problem in an adult as it may indicate a tumour.

However there are many causes of a turned eye that are less serious.

Surgical correction of a turned eye usually involves a general anaesthetic. The muscles are repositioned on the eye to correct the alignment of the two eyes.

Southern Eye Specialists have extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of strabismus, double vision and the coordination of the two eyes together.

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