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Alastair Hadlow - Orthopaedic & Spinal Surgeon

Private Service, Orthopaedics, Spinal


Alastair performs total hip and knee joint replacement surgery.

Joint replacement surgery is commonly required to treat joints worn out by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, trauma or any other illness damaging the joint and causing it to become painful and interfere with the patient's quality of life.

These procedures involve removing the damaged joint surface and replacing it with artificial surfaces normally made from metal (chromium cobalt alloy, titanium) and plastic surfaces (high density polyethelene) or ceramic, which act as alternate bearing surfaces for the damaged joint.

These days, with modern techniques, the operations only require the patient to be in hospital for a few days normally, followed by a period of rehabilitation at home.

Occasionally blood transfusions are required and if this raises any concerns, please discuss this with Alastair.

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