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Mr Dean Schluter - Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Soft Tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments)

Sporting injuries and trauma can cause injuries to the ligaments of the knee MCL, ACL, PCL and LCL. ACL rupture is a common injury in contact and non contact sports. It is often associated with a meniscal tear. With ongoing instability or in someone who is active and wishes to continue to participate in sports, an ACL reconstruction is a successful operation. This can be done arthroscopically, enabling a quicker recovery.

MCL injuries are invariably treated non operatively, enabling a return to sport in approximately 4-6 weeks. A medial meniscal tear can be mistaken for an MCL injury.

PCL injuries are less common and, depending on severity, are usually treated non operatively.

LCL injuries should usually all be repaired acutely, especially if associated with a PCL rupture.

Ankle sprains invariably heal with immobilisation and physiotherapy. Symptomatic ongoing instability with recurrent sprains may require ankle stabilisation.

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