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Mr Michael R Boland - Hand, Wrist & Elbow Surgeon

Private Service, Orthopaedics


Mr Michael Boland is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon specialising in surgery of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow. 

Mr Boland consults from both locations shown on the left - see under "Hours" for times.
Surgery is performed at the Southern Cross Hospital North Harbour and Ascot Hospital Greenlane.
Introduction from Michael Boland:

My specialty is orthopaedics, subspecialising in hand and upper limb surgery.

I did a Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship at the world renowned Kleinert Institute in Louisville, USA. In that fellowship I had comprehensive specialised training in all aspects of upper limb surgery. I then spent six years at the University of Kentucky USA as the Chief of Hand Surgery.

I have won awards for my research on the understanding of forearm and wrist function, and have lectured and presented worldwide on this topic.

I have attended the following institutes and had specialised training in:

  • Wrist Arthroscopy - Wrightington England
  • Sports Medicine - The University of London
  • Open and Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery - The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Hand Anatomy and Dupuytren's Disease - University of London
  • Shoulder Arthroplasty - Mt Sinai Hospital in New York.

During my Fellowship at the University Of Louisville we had specialised courses and training in microsurgery, hand fracture fixation, arthroplasty of the DRUJ, wrist, PIP, MCP and elbow joints.

I have held academic positions at the University of Queensland, James Cook University (where I set up the Orthopaedic Curriculum), the University of Kentucky and currently at the University of Auckland.

In light of the above I am well qualified to treat the following conditions:

  • Conditions involving the wrist - arthritis, ligament injury, contracture, instability, ganglion cysts, Colles fracture, Scaphoid fracture. I have unique experience to do with problems relating to the wrist and distal radioulnar joints.

    I have done over 1000 wrist arthroscopies, over 100 DRUJ arthroscopies, was trained to do DRUJ and wrist arthroplasty by the designers of the implants, Amit Gupta and Luis Scheker. I ran a tertiary referral wrist forearm and elbow fracture and injury service at the University of Kentucky, USA for six years. I have won awards into our understanding of the function of the wrist and forearm.
  • Conditions involving the elbow - arthritis, ligament injury, contracture, instability fracture, radial head fracture, biceps tendon rupture, tennis elbow, elbow sprain, golfer’s elbow, elbow arthritis, elbow bursitis, osteoarthritis - I have unique elbow experience.

    I ran a tertiary referral elbow service at the University of Kentucky, USA for six years. I performed 15 total elbow replacements per year, 25 elbow arthroscopies per year (including arthroscopy for Tennis Elbow), put in more radial head replacements than anyone else in the USA from 2006 to 2008 (20 per year).
  • Nerve Procedures - radial tunnel release, brachial plexus neurolysis, nerve repair/grafts/transfers, neurotization, tendon transfer, muscle transfer, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

    At the University of Louisville I was involved in hand transplantation and trained by world leaders in the field of nerve repair and tendon transfer, Warren Breidenbach and Tsu Min Tsai.
  • Hand Problems - Boutonniere deformity, Dupuytren’s contracture, finger fracture, hand fracture, thumb fracture, trigger finger, deQuervain’s tendinitis, DIP PIP and MP arthritis.

I was trained by Harold Kleinert in the USA and Gus McGrouther in England, both considered as world leaders in this field.


Referral Expectations

You need to bring to your appointment with you:

1.       Any letters or reports from your doctor or hospital.
2.       Any X-Rays, CT or MRI films and reports.
3.       All medicines you are taking including herbal and natural remedies.
4.       Your pharmaceutical entitlement card.
5.       Your ACC number, if you have one.

Preparing for Surgery

Once you and Mr Boland decide that surgery will help you, you'll need to learn what to expect from the surgery and create a treatment plan for the best results afterward. Preparing mentally and physically for surgery is an important step toward a successful result. Understanding the process and your role in it will help you recover more quickly and have fewer problems.  Please click here for more information about preparing for your surgery.


Consulting Hours

Hand Institute (Northcare): Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm
Hands out West Ltd: Fridays, (fortnightly)

We now have Registered Hand Therapists on site at the Hand Institute for treatment: Ph: (09) 479 8438 email: Tasha@handinstitute.co.nz

Procedures / Treatments

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  • Osteotomy

    The division of a crooked or bent bone to improve alignment of the limb.… More

  • Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery)

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  • Soft Tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments)

    In many cases tendons will be lengthened to improve the muscle balance around a joint or tendons will be transferred to give overall better joint function.… More

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Patient parking is provided at both locations

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