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Mr Rob Sharp - Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Scope of Practice



Primary hip replacement

Revision hip surgery
Computer assisted surgery
Minimal incision techniques


Knee arthroscopy

Primary and revision knee replacement

Unicompartmental knee replacement

Computer navigated surgery


Foot & Ankle

Forefoot correction surgery

Toe deformity surgery

Hindfoot and midfoot fusions

Ankle fusion


Mr Sharp performs surgery at Southern Cross Hospital, North Harbour



For appointments call Elaine 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday.
Answering machine out of hours.


by FAX to - 09 929 3170


by MAIL - for ALL locations - PO Box 31-700, Milford 0741

Please Note:
Patients wishing to drop in with referrals, radiology films or reports or to see Elaine, please telephone (09) 484 0044 to arrange this.

Thank you

Referral Expectations

You need to bring to your appointment:

  1. Referral letter
  2. Any X-Rays, CT or MRI films and reports
  3. A list of your medications
  4. Your ACC number and Date of Injury if appropriate
  5. Your Southern Cross Health Membership Number if appropriate

Procedures / Treatments

  • Hip Replacement

    A hip replacement is a very effective  treatment for a damaged or worn out hip joint.… More

  • Knee Replacement

    Knee joint replacement is a very effective treatment for the painful arthritic knee.… More

  • Computer Navigation for Knee Replacement

    Computer navigation surgery is utilising infra-red and computer technology to build up a 3D digital model of the knee and leg alignment.… More PDF

  • Revision Joint Replacement Surgery

    A hip or knee replacement will eventually fail. The reasons for revision surgery are many but the most common is loosening of the implants.… More

  • Impaction Bone Grafting

    This is a technique pioneered in Exeter and Nijmegen to restore bone stock at revision hip surgery.… More

  • Knee Arthroscopy

    Many knee conditions can be treated with 'keyhole surgery'. A fibreoptic camera is introduced into the knee via a small 1cm incision allowing inside of the joint to be visualised.… More PDF

  • Arthroscopic Knee Cartilage surgery



Depending on complexity, the initial fee will range between $200.00 and $280.00 including GST.

Contact Details

Southern Cross Hospital - North Harbour

North Auckland

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Silverdale Medical Centre

North Auckland

  • Phone

    - Appointments - call Elaine (09) 484 0044

  • Fax

    (09) 929 3170

  • Healthlink EDI


  • Email

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