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Mrs Anne Kolbe - Paediatric Surgeon

Private Service, Paediatrics


9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


I am a general paediatric surgeon with 30 years experience in the public and the private health care sectors.  I am married with two young adult children.

I have a special interest in caring for young children and their families and together with Dr Graham Knottenbelt at Epsom Anaesthesia providing a safe and positive surgical experience.  An additional part of my practice is in providing care to adolescent young women.

What is Paediatric Surgery?
Paediatric surgery is a broad specialty which includes the surgical management of infants and children with: tumours (benign or malignant); major trauma; disorders or abnormalities of the liver and biliary system, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, chest, or soft tissues. 
While the name would suggest that the focus of paediatric surgery is to perform operations, often this is not the case. Many patients are referred to surgeons with conditions that do not need surgical procedures, but merely require counselling or medical treatment.


Referral Expectations

At the appointment, Anne will ask questions about your child’s illness and examine your child to try to determine or confirm the diagnosis. This process may also require a number of tests (e.g. blood tests, x-rays, scans etc). Sometimes this can all be done during one visit, but for some conditions this will take several follow-up appointments. Occasionally some tests are arranged even before the appointment to try to speed up the process.
Once a diagnosis has been made, Anne will discuss treatment with your child and you. In some instances this will mean surgery, while other cases can be managed with medication and advice. If surgery is advised, the steps involved in the surgical process and the likely outcome are usually discussed at this time.
Your GP will give you or send a referral letter to my rooms explaining your child's condition. You need to bring to your appointment:
  • Any letters or reports from your doctor or another hospital
  • Any x-rays, CT or MRI films and reports

Follow up care

All surgical cases are seen for a post-operative follow-up consultation.  This appointment will be given to you on the day of your child's surgery.  We would appreciate it if you keep this appointment, because it is an important part of your child's operative care.

Should your child need a repeat prescription for a stable condition such as constipation, please call the rooms to arrange for this to be mailed to you at your home.  This service is only available at the request of the legal guardian and for patients well known to the practice who have been seen in the last six months.  Charges: $15.00 for following day scripts and $20.00 for same day scripts or faxed scripts.


Initial 30-minute consultation: $395.00

Follow-up consultation: $310.00


9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Mon – Fri9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

After school and evening appointments are available on Thursdays.

Doctors please feel free to call me directly on 021 952 293, for advice, to arrange an urgent consultation.

If you or your patients have any difficulty contacting my rooms for an appointment, please call me on 021 952 293.

Public Holidays: Closed Waitangi Day (Observed 7/2/22) (7 Feb), Good Friday (15 Apr), Easter Sunday (17 Apr), Easter Monday (18 Apr), ANZAC Day (25 Apr), Queen's Birthday (6 Jun), Labour Day (24 Oct).
Christmas: Open 20 Dec — 24 Dec. Closed 25 Dec — 26 Dec. Open 27 Dec — 31 Dec. Closed 1 Jan — 2 Jan. Open 3 Jan — 7 Jan.

Procedures / Treatments

  • Hernias (Hydrocoele, Umbilical)

    An inguinal hernia and hydrocoele are caused by a persisting connection between the scrotum and the abdomen (a similar connection occurs in girls causing an inguinal hernia).… More

  • Undescended Testes

    Undescended testes occur in less then 4% of children and are more common in premature babies.… More

  • Frenectomy

    A frenum is a fold of tissue that connects the lip or cheek or the gum or the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.… More

  • Circumcision

    The foreskin (flap of skin that covers the tip of the penis) may be tight, preventing retraction (phimosis).… More

  • Skin Disorders

    Skin conditions dealt with by paediatric surgeons include lumps, tumours, cysts and other lesions of the skin and underlying tissues.… More

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