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David Crabb - Northland Plastic Surgery

Private Service, Plastic Surgery


8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.


Northland Plastic Surgery is the clinic of David J. MacKenzie Crabb, a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon.

David began to practice in New Zealand in 1983 as a consultant Plastic Surgeon. He has practiced in Northland, Auckland and the Regional Plastic Surgery Centre at various times. He is currently working to upscale the Plastic Surgery service in Northland and is taking part in the Northern Regional Review of services at a planning level. He is also involved with the Ministry of Health in developing a new national threshold for treatment systems for our hospitals.

David's private clinic offers a variety of services including:

  • Cosmetic plastic surgery
  • Advanced fat grafting breast regeneration
  • Skin lesions requiring a plastics approach
  • Reconstructive ACC contracts including hands, maxillofacial surgery and limb defects
  • Dedicated breast clinic.

David has been using fat grafting for more natural breast reconstruction for some years using small to medium volumes of transferred fat from other sites of the body. He has built on this work by being trained in the advanced techniques of large volume fat grafting using external tissue expansion and local tissue manipulation pioneered by Professor Khouri in the USA.

He is well down the track replacing most conventional procedures with these new techniques thus avoiding major invasive surgery, the sacrifice of donor muscles and the use of implants, all of which have their problems.

Fat Graft Reconstruction Video


What is Plastic Surgery?
Plastic surgery covers a wide range of different surgical procedures that repair, reconstruct or replace structures in many different parts of the body including the skin, face and head, hands, breast and stomach. Plastic surgery does not involve the use of plastic materials.

The nature of plastic surgery is that it is a balance between beauty and blood supply.  There are uncertainties regarding scar tissue resolution and the resolution of scar cycle can take one year to complete.  There are further uncertainties regarding the pathologies and it is the nature of the specialty that more than one procedure, not always, but often, is required.
If a big operation is being done then minor adjustments are often necessary such as division and set in of pedicles, thinning of flaps, adjustments of scar, to complete the process.  The objective is always the use of the simplest method and the most timely process to achieve the result that we are both looking for.  Secondary procedures will incur additional fees.
Plastic surgery can generally be divided into two main types:
  • Reconstructive surgery: is performed on parts of the body that are abnormal or have been affected by a birth defect, accident or disease. This includes cleft lip and palate repair, scar revision or reconstruction (including skin grafts) following burns. Surgery is usually performed to improve function, but may also be performed to bring the appearance of a part of the body as close as possible to normal.
  • Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery: improves appearance or body image by reshaping features of the face or body e.g. breast enlargement, face lift, liposuction.


Referral Expectations

You will have an initial consultation with your plastic surgeon who will assess your general health and discuss the best type of surgical procedure for you. You will be given instructions on medications to avoid before surgery.
Following your surgery, you will be provided with appropriate medications, post-operative and preventative care including:
  • Advanced skin cancer prevention programme
  • Advanced scar management


Please contact us for details of our charges.

David is an affiliated provider with Southern Cross for the provision of skin cancer surgery, acting in a supervisory role and as back up for specialist management of difficult cases and reconstruction.

Finance options may be available.


8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Mon – Fri8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Common Conditions / Procedures / Treatments

  • Complex Skin Cancer Lesions Requiring Plastic Approach


  • Haemangiomas

    Also known as port wine stains or strawberry haemangiomas, these are non-cancerous, vascular skin lesions.… More

  • Naevi

    A naevus is a common skin growth composed of special pigment-producing cells.… More

  • Breast Reconstruction

    When a breast has been removed (mastectomy) because of cancer or other disease, it is possible in most cases to reconstruct a breast similar to a natural breast.… More

  • Hand Surgery

    Problems with the appearance or function of the hand can be the result of injury, birth defects or degenerative conditions.… More

  • Scar Revision

    Scar appearance can be improved by various methods including a surgical procedure known as scar revision.… More

  • Skin Lesions

    Skin lesions can be divided into two groups:

    benign (non-cancerous): e.g.… More

  • Complex Head and Neck Reconstruction


  • Skin Grafting

    If the scar to be revised or skin lesion being removed is particularly large, a skin graft may be performed.… More

  • Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

    If you are looking for a natural breast augmentation, we can help you.  Micro-fat grafting is an implant free fat transfer breast augmentation technique developed by the highly respected and much published Dr Roger Khouri, Plastic Surgeon at the Miami Breast Centre.  David Crabb (Plastic Surgeon) has trained with Dr… More

  • Breast Lift

    This is an operation that can lift and reshape sagging breasts.… More

  • Breast Reduction

    Surgery to reduce breast size involves making a cut (incision) around the areola (the dark area around the nipple) straight downwards and along the crease beneath the breast.… More

  • Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

    This procedure involves removing excess skin and fat from the stomach and tightening the muscles of the stomach wall.… More

  • Liposuction

    This procedure removes unwanted pockets of fat from under your skin in specific parts of the body such as the chin, neck, upper arms, stomach, hips and thighs.… More

  • Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

    Excess skin and/or fat can be surgically removed from your upper and/or lower eyelids to give your skin a less wrinkled and puffy appearance.… More

  • Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

    Surgery can be carried out to improve the appearance of your nose e.g.… More

  • Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

    The appearance of ears that are misshaped or protruding (‘bat ears’) can be improved surgically.… More

  • Lip Enhancement

    A surgical procedure can be performed to make your lips to appear fuller without having foreign material injected into them.… More

  • Face Lift

    A face lift can include several different procedures such as a neck lift and/or a brow lift, all designed to reduce lines and wrinkles and lift sagging skin.… More

  • Brow Lift

    View information about Brow Lift on our website. More

  • Facial Implants

    Implants can be put into your chin, cheeks or jaw to improve or change the shape and/or size of the bones in these areas.… More

  • Reconstructive Facial Surgery


  • Reconstructive Surgery to Limbs


  • Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate (Secondary Procedures)

    A cleft lip occurs when there is a failure of normal structures to join together during formation of the lip, resulting in a gap in the lip.… More


4 Vinery Lane: free parking at the front of the building for one hour and public parking turning right at the corner of the building - $1 per half day or $1 per hour on metered parking.

Rodney Surgical Centre: free patient parking at the front of the building.

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