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North Shore Plastic Surgery

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Ear Surgery

The appearance of ears that are misshaped or protruding (‘bat ears’) can be improved surgically. This type of operation is often carried out in children.
Cuts (incisions) are made behind the ears through which the cartilage in the ear can be reshaped or removed. The surgery lasts 1-2 hours and can be performed under local anaesthetic (the area treated is numb but you are awake), allowing you to go home the same day. For children, the procedure would be performed under general anaesthetic (they sleep through it) and they will remain in hospital overnight. You will need to wear head bandages for about 1 week and will probably be able to return to normal daily routines after that.
Congenital Deformity Correction
People born with ear deformities such as 'lop-ear deformity' (the fold of the hard cartilage that shapes the top of the ear does not exist), 'ear tags' (small mounds near the front of the ear) or with no opening in their middle ear, can have their ears surgically corrected.

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