Titulo de Licenciado de Medicina 2006 Lleida; Specialist (Ophthalmology) 2011 Spain


Dr March is an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) in Dunedin. He has been trained in New Zealand, North America, and Europe through fellowship programs. He is a subspecialist in Retina, Glaucoma, and Cataract surgery. Dr March is a Consultant at the Dunedin Hospital and is involved with Otago University. He is doing research and disseminating eye diseases to improve community outcomes.


Retina Surgery

  • Macular Holes and Epiretinal Membranes
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Complexe cataract surgery and Traumatic cataract repair

Cataract Surgery

  • Bilateral cataracts
  • Toric and premium intraocular lenses
  • Extended depth of focus and multifocal

Glaucoma Surgery

  • MIGS: Minimal invasive glaucoma surgery
  • Istent and Perseflo with or without Cataract Surgery
  • Trabeculectomy and drainage implants

Title or Designation


Post-Fellowship Training

  • Retina Fellowship Training
  • Glaucoma Fellowship Training
  • Cataract surgery Fellowship Training

Vocational Scope


Contact Details

Dr Francesc March is available at the following services:

This service is available at the following location:

267 George Street, Dunedin Central, Dunedin

Public Services

Ophthalmology - Otago | Southern | Te Whatu Ora

This service is available at the following location:

Dunedin Hospital

Private Surgical Services

Manaaki by Mercy - Ophthalmology (Eye Surgery)

This service is available at the following location:

Manaaki by Mercy, 72 Newington Avenue, Maori Hill, Dunedin