Dr Peter Fong



MB BS 1994 Queensland; FRACP 2003


Dr Fong is a Medical Oncologist specialising in Genitourinary Cancer especially Prostate cancer, Early Phase Oncology trials and still involved in Gynaecological Cancer management in private.

Peter is a first class honours graduate of the University of Queensland Medical School in Australia in 1994. He trained in Australia and New Zealand hospitals, gaining his specialist qualifications in 2003, then working as a consultant at Auckland Hospital. Between 2004 and 2008, he undertook a clinical research fellowship at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London in Phase I Oncology Drug Development, being an investigator in many trials. During this time he also worked in gynaecology, academic urology unit and the Prostate Cancer Drug Trials Unit. He spent 2 years in the laboratory doing post-graduate translational research on epigenetic targeted agents for biomarker validation at the CRUK Centre for Cancer Therapeutics, Institute of Cancer Research, University of London.

Peter resumed work as a medical oncologist at Auckland Hospital in 2008. He is in the Genitourinary Cancer team, with a particular focus on Prostate Cancer, having started the medical oncology prostate practice. He is involved with the Australasian group trials and internationally especially within the Genitourinary and Phase 1 trials group.

Peter is actively involved in the NZ Genitourinary Cancer Special Interest Group. He is an Honorary Academic at the Pharmacology Department, University of Auckland, continuing his interest in new cancer drugs development. He is a principal investigator in numerous clinical trials from Phase I to III. He has been published in major peer-reviewed journals.

Whilst Peter focuses on evidence based practice and discusses novel therapeutics, he tailors his discussion with patients according to their needs.


Prostate cancer, Gynaecological cancer, Oncology trials and Drug Development


Prostate Cancer, Urothelial Cancer, Renal Cancer, Germ Cell Cancer, all Genitourinary Cancers.

Phase I trials/Drug Development/Translational Research

Gynaecological Cancer

Title or Designation

Medical Oncologist, Medical Oncologist - Urological Cancer Stream; Early Phase Cancer Trials

Post-Fellowship Training

Royal Marsden Hospital/The Institute of Cancer Research, London, United Kingdom

Full NZ Registration Date

16 July 1997

Vocational Scope

Internal Medicine

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