MB BCh 1993 Witwatersrand; FCPsych (SA) 2001


My heritage is Irish and Hungarian, I grew up in Southern Africa. My specialist training was in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am a vocationally trained psychiatrist and have worked mainly in Adult Psychiatry, ECT and training. After emigrating to Australia in 2003, I had additional experience in the First Episode Mental Health area, with emerging personality disorders (working with a cognitive analytic therapy model) and psychosis.

In New Zealand, I have been working in Adult inpatient and Adult community settings in Waitemata DHB for almost 17 years. I gained an additional qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in 2010. I now, in addition, support specialist training in the Northern Regional Training Program as the Training Facilitator for Waitemata DHB.

I continue to take an interest in psychotherapy, furthering my training in CBT in Australia and at the Beck Institute. In addition, I have completed training in Professor Gilbert’s Compassion Focused Therapy. I have been trained in Self Compassion and have run groups with a psychologist. Currently I am involved in co-facilitating a Balint Group and actively doing Group Supervision with registrars. Mental health issues are common and will lead to disruptions in relationships, work and lifestyle. I am passionate about supporting people to a pathway of healing/recovery with over two decades of experience as a specialist.

My approach to psychiatry is around optimizing engagement, providing an integrated approach that manages the biological aspects, this in tandem with a psycho-socialspiritual awareness focused around the individual’s background.My style is collaborative and I will bring in psychotherapy options when appropriate.

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Consultant Psychiatrist - Adult

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