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0800 Vein Dr provides quick and easy relief from the pain or itchiness of varicose and spider veins, at the same time restoring confidence and self esteem.

We offer the following non-surgical, office-based treatments for varicose and spider veins:

Our Team

Dr Paul Weaver, a vocationally registered general practitioner who subsequently sub-specialised in procedural phlebology, has practiced as a full-time procedural phlebologist since 2000.

Michele Weaver
Deb Rogers

Michal Robertson

Procedures / Treatments

  • Varicose Veins

    These are bulging veins that lie just beneath the skin (superficial veins).… More PDF

  • Spider Veins

    Spider veins are tiny blood vessels that appear as thin lines, clusters or webs on the surface of the skin, especially on the face and legs.… More


We offer free assessments and interest-free finance over 12-24 months.

We are a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider. Medical criteria apply. Please contact us for more detail.


We are a nib First Choice Provider. Medical criteria apply. Please contact us for more detail.


Hastings Clinic Only - off street parking is available at the back of the clinic.

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