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Mr Dilip K. Naik - Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon

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Varicose Veins

These are bulging veins that lie just beneath the skin (superficial veins). They occur when the walls of a vein are weak or damaged or if the valves in the vein that normally stop the blood from flowing backwards are impaired, resulting in pooling of the blood and stretched veins. Besides being unattractive, varicose veins can be painful and cause inflammation or ulceration.

Mr Naik offers all options of vein treatment including endovenous procedures. This means you can have your veins treated with no general anaesthetic or cuts and minimal down time from work and recreation. Mr Naik is an Affiliated Provider with Southern Cross and performs all his procedures at a Southern Cross facility. As Southern Cross is a not for profit organization this means you get high quality treatment at reasonable costs.

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