Treatment for spider or thread veins

NZ's first VeinGogh (Pronounced Vein Go). A tiny probe the diameter of a hair, is inserted into the spider vein and ablates the vessel with 3 tiny bursts of  energy. The probe is insulated except for the tip, so surrounding tissue does not get damaged. Initial treatment of spider veins in the legs is usually done by microsclerotherapy, and remaining spider veins then ablated using VeinGogh. Face veins (nose and cheeks) do not need microsclerotherapy...just VeinGogh

The advantages are:

  1. Mild discomfort during the procedure, as oppossed to laser.
  2. All signs of vein and treatment are gone in 3-4 weeks. Occassionally a second treatment is required.
  3. Safer than laser. Only a very minimal risk of scarring.
  4. Less exensive than laser.

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