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Adult Hearing Aid Assessments

ADHB provides adult hearing aid fitting services only to those who meet the criteria for the Enable Hearing Aid Funding Scheme or have a hearing loss greater than 65 dB in each ear. There may be costs associated with the hearing aid fitting.

Evidence of this hearing loss needs to be provided for the referral to be considered.  Free hearing checks for adults are widely available through private audiology clinics with little to no waiting times. Also some private clinics are now offering hearing aids at greatlly reduced prices or offer a "pay as you go" service.

The patient must have a hearing loss average of 65dB in the worst 3 frequencies of .5 kHz to 4 kHz (in the better ear)

OR     The patient meets criteria for Enable fully funding hearing aids: ‘HL Since Childhood’ (mod-severe or worse) or ‘Dual Disability’.

ADHB will see the patient while the hearing aid is still under warranty and for 6 years if they still meet the eligibility criteria for to ADHB.

If your patient does not meet the above criteria they will have to be seen in the private sector. A list of private clinics can be found on the NZ Audiological Society website http://www.audiology.org.nz/.

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