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Social Work

Monday to Friday 8am - 4.30pm
Saturdays 8am - 2.30 pm Medical Assessment and Planning Unit (MAPU) only

About Us
Assessing, supporting, and strengthening social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing to ensure the best possible health outcomes, interdependence, autonomy, and dignity of life for individuals, families and whanau, and communities.

Social work provides a service in the following areas:

  • Acute inpatient social work at Wellington Regional Hospital
  • Acute inpatient social work on the surgical and medical wards, Kenepuru Hospital
  • Community social work in:
    • Wellington
    • Kenepuru
    • Kapiti
  • Paediatric community social work in the Kenepuru and Kapiti areas.

Referral criteria

We accept referrals when the patient:


  • requires support services on discharge or liaising with existing community support
  • lives alone and is no longer coping
  • requires rest home or hospital level care
  • has been admitted to hospital and is a caregiver for another person
  • suspected or disclosed family violence or neglect
  • suffers non-accidental injury
  • is in hospital and is unusually anxious, stressed or depressed
  • requires support to manage the impact of the diagnosis
  • requires support regarding grief, loss or bereavement
  • is alcohol or drug dependent
  • experienced or witnessed a traumatic event
  • requires assistance to manage the impact of stillbirth or miscarriage
  • is in hospital and the family/whanau require assistance
  • is unable to work or drive due to their health condition
  • requires practical support due to their health condition such as:
    • accommodation
    • transport
    • travel
    • personal alarms
    • legal matters
    • meals
    • finances
    • childcare arrangement
    • emergency food 
    • mobility parking 
    • home help
  • has requested to see a social worker.

Referral Process

Patients can be referred by a health professional either in hospital or in the community or can self refer.

Community patients (children and adults) should be referred by completing and faxing the Care Coordination Centre referral form to (04) 238 2022 or 0800 282 202.


  • patients whose primary diagnosis is due to a mental health condition
  • patients who are already receiving social work intervention from another service such as Capital Coast Rehab, the Psychogeriatric Service, Alcohol and Drug Service or the Child Development Team.


Contact Us

Social Work Service
Level 10, Grace Neill Block
Wellington Hospital
Private Bag 7902
Wellington 6242

Tel: (04) 806 2373

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