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Waitematā DHB Allied Health

Public Service, Allied Health, Community Health

Community & Outpatients

Allied Health services will be provided in a setting most appropriate for service delivery and will include (but not limited to) considerations such as cultural appropriateness, accessibility, the most effective and efficient use of resources, and where the best outcomes will be achieved.


Entry Criteria

The Service Users are those eligible people who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • require allied health services to improve their health status;
  • without allied health services they are at risk of further deterioration in their personal health status;
  • have a disability and their functional ability is compromised or at risk of deterioration;
  • are residents* living in residential homes/ care facilities - they are eligible for allied health services, supplies and equipment under the same criteria as people living in their own homes, if these services are not funded through another service specification;
  • are residents of aged related residential care facilities - they are eligible for allied health assessment and rehabilitation services including assessment for, and advice on, individualised customised equipment; but not for delivery of maintenance or on-going treatment, supplies or provision of non-customised equipment;
  • require Allied Health Services assessment for necessary equipment or housing modifications to facilitate their discharge from hospital;
  • are assessed as having a need for Allied Health Services following their discharge from a hospital.

* includes people with intellectual and/ or physical disabilities, or mental illness and addictions.

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