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Labour Pain Relief Education

Labour can be a very personal and emotional experience, and therefore is not always the best time to receive information or make a decision about pain relief such as an epidural.

We feel it is better to give information in advance so you can make an informed decision and create a birth plan that suits you.

We are offering a free hour long talk by an Anaesthetist at 7.30pm on selected Mondays. Please see the link below for the dates.

Common questions that are discussed at the talk include:

  • What options are there for pain relief in labour?
  • What does an epidural involve?
  • Can everyone have an epidural?
  • Who performs the epidural?
  • Is having an epidural painful?
  • How long does it take to work?
  • Does it always work?
  • How long does it work for?
  • When should I have my epidural?
  • Will the epidural affect my baby ?
  • What are the side effects or complications of having an epidural?
  • What if I need surgery?
  • What are spinals?

How to Book

As numbers are limited, bookings must be made for the talks. Phone Olivia Tapuosi on (09) 307 4949 extension 23781 during office hours to book.

Please sign in at the 5th floor reception area at Auckland City Hospital, Park Rd, 5-10 minutes before 7.30pm on your designated evening. You will be met by an anaesthetist who will take you to the room where the talk is to be held.

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