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Department of Anaesthesia & Pain Management
The Department of Anaesthesia & Pain Management provides Anaesthesia, Acute Pain and Chronic Pain services for Capital & Coast DHB at the Wellington Regional Hospital and Kenepuru Hospital campuses.

Inpatient anaesthesia services are delivered by staff in the:

  • Operating theatres at Wellington Regional Hospital and Kenepuru Hospital; and at the following Wellington Regional Hospital Departments:
  • Delivery Suite
  • Radiology, Angiography, CT, MRI & Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiotherapy
  • Gastroenterology
  • Cardiac Catheter Laboratory
  • Emergency Department
  • Intensive Care Unit

The Department's Acute Pain Team provides services in the wards at Wellington Regional Hospital.

Outpatient services are provided for Anaesthesia Pre-Assessment of Surgical and Obstetric patients, for patients who have had allergic reactions to anaesthetic drugs, and for patients referred for control of Chronic Pain.

The Department runs training programmes for anaesthetists (FANZCA) and anaesthetic technicians (Anaesthetic Technicians Board).

Wellington Regional Hospital is the tertiary referral centre for central New Zealand. New Zealand has national units for paediatric intensive care, heart/lung/liver transplantation, spinal injury rehabilitation, and major burns treatment. Wellington patients requiring these services are transferred to the relevant unit. The Department of Anaesthesia has subspecialty divisions for anaesthetists working in Cardiothoracics, Obstetrics, Paediatrics and Pain.


Referral Expectations

Patients needing anaesthesia, given by an anaesthetist.
All patients who are booked, or placed on waiting lists, for operations/procedures where the surgeon thinks the patient will need anaesthesia care given by an anaesthetist, MUST complete the appropriate Adult or Children's (<17yrs) Health Questionnaire (click on the links or see Downloads section). The questionnaire is normally completed at the surgical outpatient clinic when the decision is made to operate.
The completed questionnaires are screened. Patients with significant other health problems, OR who will need more than simple pain relief after their operation, OR who want to talk with an anaesthetist about their anaesthetic, are seen in Anaesthesia Pre-Assessment Clinic before the day of their operation. ALL patients needing an anaesthetic given by an anaesthetist will meet, and be assessed by, the anaesthetist who gives their anaesthetic.

If the Surgical Patient Coordinator for the surgeon performing your operation does not have a completed copy of your health questionnaire they will contact you to ask you to fill one out. You can download/print a copy of the Adult or Children's questionnaire, complete it, and post it to them.
Complete the form to the best of your knowledge. Your anaesthesia can only be as safe as possible when your anaesthetist has a complete picture of the state of your health.

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Contact Details

Anaesthesia registrars should consult the ANZCA website   http://www.anzca.edu.au   for contact details of the Wellington Regional Hospital Supervisor of Training.

Enquiries about working in the CCDHB Dept of Anaesthesia & Pain Management should be made via    https://www.capitalhealthcareers.org.nz

For more information about Capital & Coast DHB   http://www.ccdhb.org.nz/

Dept Anaesthesia & Pain Management
Level C (Level 3)
Clinical Services Block
Wellington Regional Hospital
Riddiford Street

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Dept Anaesthesia & Pain Management
Level C (Level 3)
Clinical Services Block
Wellington Regional Hospital
Riddiford Street

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Dept Anaesthesia & Pain Management
Level C (Level 3)
Clinical Services Block
Wellington Regional Hospital
Private Bag 7902
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