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The BreastScreen Aotearoa (BSA) programme offers free, two yearly screening mammograms to eligible women aged 45-69 years.

Regular breast screening is important.  Don't put it off, it could save your life.

Our aim is to ensure your mammogram is as easy and comfortable as possible:

  • Free mammograms take 20-30 minutes
  • You choose when and where you have your mammogram
  • Our female staff are respectful, friendly and understanding
  • We have late nights and Saturday appointments
  • You can bring a support person
  • We can arrange a free interpreter for you

You can enrol yourself by calling our free phone number 0800 270 200.

Is English your second language?

  • Samoan speakers can call Lisi on 09 250 8089
  • Mandarin speakers - call Veronica on 09 250 8025
  • Cantonese speakers - call Alexandra on 09 250 8081
  • Hindi speakers - call Yolanda on 09 250 8084 

When you receive your invitation letter with a suggested date and location, call us on 0800 270 200 to confirm your appointment time.  If another date or location suits you better, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Once enrolled on the programme, you will be re-invited every two years by BreastScreen Aotearoa. If you move house or change your postal address, please contact us to update your address so that your next invitation letter reaches you.

BreastScreen Counties Manukau Mobile Unit Schedule 2020 


Location address


Screening Dates


Pohutakawa Coast Shopping Centre
(opposite Police Station and next to Old Central School building)


21st Sep to 25th Sep


Sancta Maria College
319 Te Irirangi Drive
Botany South

26th Sep to 2nd Oct 


Cnr of Wood St and Great South Rd
(Opposite Police Station and next to Old Central School Building)


5th Oct to 16th Oct


Tahuna Marae
38 Tahuna Pa Rd (end of the road), Waiuku

1 Day

19th Oct


Waiuku Health Centre
30 Constable Road, Waiuku


20th Oct to 6th Nov


Nga Hau E Wha Marae car park
92 Beatty Road, Pukekohe

1 Day

9th Nov


Pukekohe Town Square
Corner of Roulston St & Devon Lane


10th Nov to 13th Nov


Papatoetoe Library car park
(behind Library & Papatoetoe RSA)
30 Wallace Rd (enter from George St)


16th Nov to 27th Nov


Pakuranga Plaza
Pennell Place (back of Farmers)


30th Nov to 18th Dec

NB: This schedule may be subject to change, so please call (09) 250 8000 for the latest schedule details. Or click on BreastScreen Counties Manukau Website for latest schedule details




Manukau SuperClinic™

Mon8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Tue8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Wed8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Thu8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Fri8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Sat8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Referral Expectations

Women who wish to enrol on the programme, can enrol themselves by calling BreastScreen Aotearoa on freephone 0800 270 200 or BreastScreen Counties Manukau on (09) 250 8000.

Your GP may also enrol you, although you do not need a referral from your GP to enrol on the programme.

Who can have a free screening mammogram?

A woman can have a free screening mammogram every two years through BreastScreen Aotearoa if she:

  • is between 45 and 69 years old
  • has no symptoms of breast cancer
  • has not had a mammogram in the last 12 months
  • is not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • is eligible for public health services in New Zealand, i.e. is a New Zealand citizen or has a New Zealand visa that is valid for at least two years.

If a woman has a breast symptom that has been present for less than twelve months, she is not eligible to enrol with BreastScreen Aotearoa.  

Women of any age who feel or notice anything unusual about their breasts, at any time, should see their doctor. 

Most lumps and symptoms will not be cancer.  

Women with mobility disabilities

We can screen women in wheelchairs or with mobility issues at our main screening location of Manukau SuperClinic in Manurewa or at our sub-sites in Howick, Pukekohe and Botany.  

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate wheelchairs on our mobile screening unit due to space issues.

Please make sure when you book your appointment that we are aware of any mobility issues or other disabilities you may have, as we will allow extra time.

Women with breast implants

Women with breast implants can have mammograms at any of our screening sites.  When you book your appointment, please ensure we are aware that you have implants so that we can allow extra time.

Women under 45 years of age

Three-quarters of women diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand are 50 years and older.  Studies show that for women aged 50 and over, the risk of death from breast cancer is reduced by about a third with two yearly screening mammograms.  In women aged 45 - 50 years, the risk of death from breast cancer is reduced by a fifth with regular mammography.

Research shows that mammograms are not as good at detecting breast cancer and saving lives in younger women, particularly before menopause.  In younger women, the breast tissue may be more dense, making mammograms harder to read and increasing the risk of missing cancers.  Women under 45 are more likely to have something show up on their mammogram that needs checking but turns out not to be cancer, causing unnecessary worry.

If you feel or notice anything about your breasts that is not usual for you, please see your doctor. Your doctor may then refer to the diagnostic breast clinic in your area for free assessment of any abnormality in your breast. 

Women with a family history of breast cancer or other risk factors

A strong family history of breast cancer includes a mother, sister, daughter, male relative or two aunts with premenopausal or bilateral breast cancer, or multiple family members. 

Women who have a strong history of premenopausal breast cancer in their family may be eligible for free yearly mammograms through their local District Health Board (DHB), if referred by their doctor.  If these women are eligible for the BreastScreen Aotearoa programme, they may alternate yearly between BreastScreen Aotearoa mammograms and the DHB's mammography unit.

Women with other specific risk factors for breast cancer may also be eligible for free yearly screening through their DHB.  These include a past history of breast cancer, Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia, Lobular Carcinoma In-Situ, radiotherapy, a history of mantle radiotherapy or BRCA I or II. 

Speak to your doctor for a referral through the public health system if you believe you may be eligible for yearly screening.

Women who have had breast cancer

If you have had breast cancer it is very important that you have regular check-ups with your doctor, especially in the first five years after your cancer was found.  These should include a thorough breast examination and an annual mammogram.  One of the reasons for this is that you are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer again.

BreastScreen Aotearoa recommends that you continue to visit your breast specialist or usual doctor for these ongoing annual check-ups.  The specialist or doctor will organise an annual mammogram for you.  This mammogram is free if it is through a public hospital.

When can you rejoin BreastScreen Aotearoa after having breast cancer?

After having breast cancer, you can have a screening mammogram every two years through BreastScreen Aotearoa if:

  • you are between 45 and 69 years old
  • you have no breast problems
  • you are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • your breast cancer was treated more than five years ago and you have been cleared by your doctor to return to the BreastScreen Aotearoa programme.

If you do rejoin BreastScreen Aotearoa you should still continue to have an annual breast examination by your doctor.  A normal consultation fee would usually be charged.

Procedures / Treatments

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  • Breast Health and Symptoms

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  • Mobile Screening Unit

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  • Information for Maori Women

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There are no charges for services to public patients if you are lawfully in New Zealand and meet one of the Eligibility Direction’s specified criteria set by the Ministry of Health.

If you do not meet the criteria, you will be required to pay for the full costs of any medical treatment you receive during your stay.

To check whether you meet the specified eligibility criteria, visit the Ministry of Health website

For charges, please phone the Accounts Receivable Office on (09) 276 0060.


BreastScreen Counties Manukau Team:

  • Programme Manager: Kathy Pritchard
  • Medical Director/Radiologist: Sally Urry
  • Breast Care Nurses: Jenny Brown, Olivia Flannigan, Anne Shimmin and Fiona Goldfinch
  • Charge MRT (Medical Radiation Technologist): Samantha Jones
  • Quality Control MRT: Ruth Sharp
  • Medical Radiation Technologist: Kogie Dhanapaul, Joana Guffens, Farah Davies, Carmel Moodley, Irene (Wen-Hsien) Ho, Loraiza Arzooh, Katie Cooper and Rachel Gibb
  • Data Manager:  Lucy Xie
  • Support to Services Team Leader: Janice Miller
  • Breast Screen Counties Manukau Advisor: Helen Framhein-Wong
  • Maori Kaimahi Support to Services: Robina Karanga
  • Asian Support to Services: Veronica (Sook) Liew
  • Community Health Workers: Malama Atutolu and Tamara Taka-Jones
  • Practice Team Liaisons: Roshina Singh and Charlotte Timoko
  • Team Secretary: Saras Raj
  • Quality Coordinator: Hasitha Samarasinha
  • Administration Team Leader: Michelle Jenkins
  • Administration: Rose Otene, Verona Puru, Yolanda Sequeira, Alexandra Wong, Sandra Provic, Karen Campbell, Lisi Bakker, Natalia Gontcharova, Emma Burt, Mary-Anne Barnes, Sanjana Kumar and Toleda Shore

Contact Details

Manukau SuperClinic™

South Auckland

BreastScreen Aotearoa: Freephone 0800 270 200

Our main screening site is at Manukau SuperClinic.  We also have subsites at:

  • Mangere Community Health Centre | 10 Waddon Place, Mangere
  • Mercy Radiology - Botany SuperClinic | 260 Botany Road, Botany
  • ARG Howick | 18 Fencible Drive, Howick
  • ARG Pukekohe | 10 West Street, Pukekohe


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901 Great South Road

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