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Northland DHB Mauri Ora Breast Clinic

Public Service


8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.


The Mauri Ora Breast Clinic
The Breast Service at NDHB is an integrated multidisciplinary clinic.
The services we offer are:

Screening Services: 

  • BreastScreen Aotearoa. Referral to this service remains via the pre-printed registration form faxed to (09) 484 0201 or phone 0800 270 200. Screening is performed Monday to Thursday. Women recalled for assessment will be offered appointments on a Thursday.
  • Personal History/Family History. NDHB funded mammography offered Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Non-Screening Services:

  • Diagnostic Mammography. Offered on Wednesday mornings.
  • Breast Ultrasound and Ultrasound Guided Biopsies. Tuesday mornings.
  • Stereotactic Biopsies. Offered Wednesday mornings.
  • Multidisciplinary Triple-Assessment Breast Clinic. Offered Monday and Friday mornings.
  • General Surgical Breast Clinics.  Monday-Friday
  • Radiation Oncology Specialists. Specialists from Auckland visit weekly. These specialists provide their service from the Jim Carney Cancer Centre on Hospital Road.
  • Medical Oncology Specialists. On-site.  These specialists provide their service from the Jim Carney Cancer Centre on Hospital Road.
  • Plastic Surgery Services. Mr David Crabb visits six-weekly on Wednesday mornings. 


Consultants - see below. 

Clinical Nurse Specialist Lisa Norris
BreastScreen Breast Care Nurse Jean Cumming
Grade Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) Megan Kilpatrick
Manager (BreastScreen Northland / Mauri Ora Breast Clinic) Barbara Miller

Breast Disorders
Breast disorders may be noncancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant) and range from conditions that require no treatment to those that require immediate and major surgery.

Common symptoms of breast disorders include breast pain, lumps and nipple discharge. Investigation of these symptoms by mammography and/or ultrasound may be all that is required for diagnosis but sometimes a needle biopsy may be necessary. This involves inserting a needle into an area of the breast that has been numbed by local anaesthetic and the removal of a small amount of tissue for examination under a microscope.

Breast disorders include:
• fibrocystic disease – benign changes in the breast tissue causes it to become dense or “lumpy”
• fibroadenomas – benign tumours of the breast tissue
• cysts – fluid-filled sacs
• breast infections
• breast cancer.

Many of these conditions do not require surgery and we will work with other specialists to find out the best treatment plan for you. 



8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Mon – Fri 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Procedures / Treatments

  • Mammography

    A mammogram, or an X-ray examination of the breast, is the best method for early detection of a cancer or determining the cause of a lump in the breast.… More

  • Ultrasound

    In ultrasound, a beam of sound at a very high frequency (that cannot be heard) is sent into the body from a small vibrating crystal in a hand-held scanner head.… More

  • Biopsy

    Open Excisional Biopsy
    A small incision (cut) is made as close as possible to the lump and the lump, together with a surrounding margin of tissue, is removed for examination.… More

  • Breast Cancer Surgery

    This may be:
    • Simple or Total: all breast tissue, skin and the nipple are surgically removed but the muscles lying under the breast and the lymph nodes are left in place.… More

  • Breast Reconstruction

    When a breast has been removed (mastectomy) because of cancer or other disease, it is possible in most cases to reconstruct a breast similar to a natural breast.… More

  • Breast Pain (mastalgia) guideline

    More PDF

  • Useful Website with Breast Cancer Information

    Below is a link to the breast pages of a very useful British website focusing on cancer.… More


Services are free for New Zealand citizens and those ordinarily resident in New Zealand.


Tea, coffee, biscuits and water are provided.  Diabetic clients are advised to bring a light snack. 


Free parking is available for clients at the rear of the building. 

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