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CT Coronary Angiography

CT coronary angiography at Counties Manukau Health is performed using a modern CT scanner developed specifically to provide accurate images of the coronary arteries around the heart. We are able to detect the build up of plaque or thickening within the arteries and determine if there are any significant blockages.

The test is best suited when we need to rule out coronary artery disease. We most commonly perform the test in patients that we have seen through our chest pain clinic when initial tests like the exercise treadmill test have not been conclusive.

The test is performed in the CT Department at Middlemore Hospital. You may need to take a medication called a beta-blocker to slow the heart before the scan.  The appointment time takes between 1-2 hours and you can drive afterwards. It is a safe test with low levels of x-ray radiation used and you will be monitored to ensure there are no side effects from the x-ray contrast/dye that we use.

The scan is reported by a cardiologist and a radiologist and the specialist who has referred you for the test will then arrange the follow up required.

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