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Occupational Therapists are experts in function. Occupational Therapists assess the level of functional ability of clients who, through a temporary or permanent illness or disability, cannot safely or independently carry out roles and meaningful occupations, in looking after themselves (self-care), participating actively in life (leisure), and contributing to their community (productivity).

This service provides comprehensive assessment in the home and the implementation of interventions for what are often complex functional problems i.e. practical advice and strategies, alternative adaptive techniques, provision of assistive equipment (often customised) and home modifications. Occupational Therapists act in an advisory capacity for other A+ services around the design of home modifications for people with disabilities and consult for therapists when a client's living situation has multifaceted functional issues impacting on discharge planning.

Occupational therapy also offers a home based rehabilitation service for clients with newly acquired neurological disabilities. This team provides sessional / goal orientated treatment programmes devised within a multidisciplinary team.

What to expect:
The Occupational Therapist will visit you at your home and undertake an assessment of your:

  • home environment
  • function (physical and/or cognitive)
  • ability to perform activities of daily living
  • needs and those of your caregiver(s).

In discussion with you the therapist will identify areas of limitations and strengths and work with you with appropriate treatment goals.


Can I have mobility equipment e.g. walking frame, wheelchair for outings to access the community?
The Ministry of Health do not provide funded equipment for outdoor mobility. This will need to be funded privately.

Can I have equipment/services for a short term need regarding a relative coming to stay for a holiday?
Equipment will need to be hired and funded privately by the family.

Referral Expectations

Referrals accepted for this service:

  • Advice regarding the practical implications of living with disability or illness
  • Problem solving to improve abilities and safety
  • Teaching of adaptive techniques
  • Advice and assistance with essential home modifications
  • Recommendations for and provision of essential equipment (therapists are accredited assessors enabling them to access Ministry of Health funding for essential equipment and home alterations).
  • Referrals can be sent by appropriate health professionals through the e-Referral system.

Referrals not accepted for this service:

  • We are not able to accept 'equipment only' referrals when no assessment is required.

ACC clients
Please refer directly to ACC as they can organise for a private Occupational Therapy assessment.

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