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Information for Referrers

All children must be under the age of 16 to be referred to our service.  In addition, referrals to our service must meet certain criteria which are outlined in our referral form (see the link below). In brief, our guidelines for referring a child to a specific therapy with our service are as follows:

  • Speech and Language Therapy - child must be under 2 years, already accepted under another CDS therapy and has experienced difficulty for longer than 6 months.
  • Visiting Neurodevelopmental Therapy – child must be under 2.5 years
  • Social Worker – child must already be accepted under another CDS therapy
  • Psychology – for ASD and Cognitive assessment you must provide initial assessments such as SRS and KBIT-2

There are some criteria which would mean a referral/child would not be accepted by our service including:

  • with Ministry of Education Physical Disability Service or ORS funding who do not have specialised home-based OT equipment or housing needs
  • who has ACC funding
  • who has a short-term acute illness and is expected to rapidly return to their former level of wellness or function
  • who has had a surgical intervention for an acute need
  • requiring palliative care who is terminally ill
  • requiring maintenance services only and not a multi-disciplinary development programme
  • diagnosed with ADHD
  • whose service needs are covered under another service specification

Additional exclusions may apply to each therapy within CDS. Please contact us for further information.

Click here for the Tauranga Referral Form

Click here for the Whakatāne Referral Form

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