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MICAMHS Parent Education Sessions Term 4, 2021 - Weekly Zoom sessions to support parents of primary and intermediate aged children.  Ideas and resources on a range of common problems.

MICAMHS Parent Education Sessions Term 4 2021

Information to support parents of primary and intermediate aged children. These seminars are designed to give an overview of information, ideas and resources on a range of common problems. The sessions will be delivered via Zoom, you are welcome to come to any of them, please email to register your interest and you will be sent a Zoom link along with some helpful resources on the topic. There will be limited time at the end of each session for questions and/or a brief discussion.

To register for any of these sessions please email      

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Week 1 Understanding Children’s Behaviour (Tues 26th October)

Different factors that can have an impact on the way a child behaves. This session underpins many of the latter sessions so is helpful to attend if you are planning to come to any of the other sessions. Facilitators: Aimee Randall, Registered Psychologist

Week 2 Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (Tues 2nd Nov) Understanding the diagnosis, some tips/strategies for parents and some helpful resources for families. Facilitator: Evelyn Aranas – Clinical Psychologist and Aimee Randall Registered Psychologist

Week 3 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (Tues 9th Nov) *Please note this is a 2.5 hour session and will start at 6.30pm*

Understanding some of brain science behind the diagnosis, discussion around some of the co-occuring challenges of having ASD. Facilitator: Nadia Du Plessis, Educational Psychologist

Week 4 Understanding Anxiety in Children (Tues 16th Nov)

How to recognise anxiety in our tamariki, ways to help them cope and manage, building resilience and coping skills. Facilitators: Aimee Randall, Registered Psychologist and Roche de Bruin

Week 5 Emotion Regulation (Tues 23rd Nov)

Talking to children about feelings, empathy and validation, how to stay connected with your children in the face of big feelings. Facilitators: Monique Potgeiter Social Worker and Michelle Sykes, Registered Psychologist  

Week 6 Sensory Processing (Tues 30th Nov)

What is sensory processing, how does it affect my child and their behaviour and what can help. Facilitator: Kelly Karlson, Occupational Therapist and Roche de Bruin Registered Nurse

Week 7 Encouraging Positive Behaviour (Tues 7th Dec)

Setting our kids up to behave well. Facilitators: Aimee Randall Registered Psychologist  

Week 8 Managing Challenging Behaviour (Tues 14th Dec)

Having a plan of what to do in those tough times. Facilitators: Aimee Randall and Michelle Sykes, Registered Psychologists

Week 9 Sleep (Tues 21st Dec)

Understanding the importance of sleep and how to get enough.
Facilitators: Aimee Randall (Registered Psychologist) and Jan Campbell (Registered Nurse)


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