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Counties Manukau Health Continence Service

We are redesigning the Continence Service at CMH with the patient experience at the centre of all our changes.

The service will provide a 'one stop shop' approach to continence issues.  Any member of our community over the age of 4 years can be referred to the service.  Our preference is that referrals are received by General Practitioners, Specialist Services or Practice Nurses.  We do require specific information in order to make the best possible decision around the pathway for care. 

Our biggest goal is for each patient to return or maintain the greatest level of independence.  This includes exploring any options for reversing the condition, be that through exercise, medication or surgery.  The clinicians will work directly with each patient and their whanau. 

To gain the most from this valuable service we do ask for a willingness to participate in the prescribed activities.  This may include completing a bladder diary and participating in exercises such as bladder retraining.

Assessments are carried out in clinics and/or client homes.

Should you wish to be seen privately there are a number of Specialists in the wider Auckland area.  We suggest you conduct a search on HealthPoint for 'Urogynaecologists' and discuss this with your GP as a referral may be required.  A number of Urogynaecology practices also have Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy available.

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