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Physiotherapists help people move and participate in life and in their communities, especially when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, disability or disease. 

After assessing a patient’s potential for movement and function, the physiotherapist establishes (together with the patient, whanau/family and caregivers) treatment goals designed to restore or develop that potential, and then maintain it.

The physiotherapy process involves assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, treatment or rehabilitation.

Home Health Care Physiotherapists assess and provide therapy for you in your home environment or local community. This service is provided for clients that are not able to attend an outpatient clinic or where your home environment is deemed to be the most appropriate place to assess you. Possible therapy includes a tailored exercise programme, support and education for you to be able to manage your condition, advice on environmental factors if appropriate and equipment prescription if required. Physiotherapists work closely with other health care professionals involved in your care to help you achieve your goals.

Home Health Care physiotherapists do not see ACC clients – please refer to Outpatient Physiotherapy at Middlemore or Pukekohe Hospitals or your local private physiotherapy clinic.

There is currently a waiting list for community physiotherapy services.

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