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Lower Limb Wound Assessment Including APBI

The lower limb wound assessment service offers full assessment and investigation and treatment of leg ulcers either in the District Nursing Clinic or home environment by the District Nursing Service.

What is a leg ulcer?

A leg ulcer is generally defined as a wound below the knee that has not shown signs of healing within 6 weeks. There are many causes of leg ulcers and treatment depends on the underlying cause.

Who can refer to this service?

We encourage referral via GPs or hospital/community based health professionals. If the injury is covered by ACC, the accepted claim number must be supplied.

Is there a cost associated with the service?

No, however some types of compression hosiery may require self funding.

What does the service include?

  • Full lower limb inspection and assessment.
  • Comprehensive wound assessment, care planning and treatment using gold standard advanced wound care products.
  • Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) readings - often referred to as a Doppler – a non-invasive ultrasound test that assists in assessing the circulation to the lower leg. The results are used to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.
  • Compression bandaging – the gold standard treatment for patients found to have venous insufficiency.
  • Measurement for and fitting of compression hosiery to treat or to prevent recurrence of ulceration.
  • Referral for other diagnostic testing, such as wound biopsy, ultrasound leg mapping.
  • Referral to other specialist services such as Vascular Surgeons, General Surgeons, High Risk Foot Clinic, Lymphoedema services.

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