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Public Service, Emergency


12:00 AM to 12:00 AM.


Service delivery during COVID-19

Alert Level Service Delivery
Level 4

All patients presenting to the ED will be screened for possible COVID-19 before entering. That includes answering questions about your current health status and having your temperature taken.

If you are considered a possible or probable COVID-19 patient then you will be taken directly to the Isolation area in ED. This area is staffed by Doctors and Nurses wearing full Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

You will be swabbed for COVID-19 and if you require admission but remain a COVID possible/probable you will be admitted to our COVID Ward or paediatric isolation area. If you require admission but are not considered a COVID possible/probable you will be admitted to the appropriate specialty ward.

If you meet the criteria for discharge you will be discharged home and asked to remain in isolation until your COVID swab results are available.

Paediatric patients will not go into the COVID Isolation area in ED but will be put in to dedicated paediatric isolation rooms.

Patients attending ED are not allowed any support person/visitors while in level 4.

Level 3 As per Level 4 but patients attending ED are allowed one support person/visitor with them. That person must also be screened for COVID-19 as well.

The Emergency Department is for the assessment and urgent treatment of patients who present with medical emergencies, trauma and urgent mental health problems. General practice is preferable for long term chronic conditions and less acute conditions that do not need urgent treatment.

The Emergency Department operates a triage system that is designed to ensure the most urgent cases are seen first. ED can get very busy (particularly at the weekends) and staff do their best to see all patients in a timely manner.

Rotorua ED is a modern acute facility, that includes two resuscitation rooms, 5 monitored cubicles, 6 acute cubicle spaces and 4 dedicated paediatric rooms. There is also a 5 bed clinical decision unit and 5 bed medical assessment and planning unit. There are dedicated procedure rooms for performing ear, nose and throat, ophthalmology, gynaecology, orthopaedic and general procedures. There is also 24 hour access to radiology services, laboratory and blood bank facilities.

Approximately 38,000 patients attend each year through the Rotorua Emergency Department.

Most patients (70%) who attend ED are discharged home after receiving treatment.

Where is the Emergency Department? See the Rotorua Hospital map here.



The ED staff are a dedicated team of doctors and nurses who specialise in emergency medicine. Increasingly the medical team is specialist led.

Other specialty teams (orthopaedics, surgical, paediatrics and medical) also see patients in ED when they are referred by a GP or Taupō Hospital and when they need to be admitted to a hospital bed.

Members of our Māori health team (Te Aka Matua) are available to offer support; if you require their services please let staff know.

St John Friends of the Emergency Department (FEDs) support the work of our staff by providing comfort and reassurance to patients.  They offer a listening ear and practical help with tasks like phone calls.  They will ensure you are warm, comfortable and offered refreshments when appropriate.


Referral Expectations

On arrival at the Emergency Department you will be seen by a triage nurse who assesses the urgency of your condition. Triage is a recognised process to ensure that the most urgent cases are seen before less urgent cases irrespective of the arrival time. This means that if you have a less urgent problem you may be asked to take a seat in the waiting room or sometimes advised to make an appointment with your GP.

You may need to have clinical tests such as a blood test, an x-ray, or a CT scan. If this happens then you will need to wait for the results of these tests before the healthcare team can continue your treatment. 

Your treatment plan may include referral to an inpatient team and admission to an inpatient ward.  This will be arranged for you.

Throughout your treatment, your privacy and treatment will always be respected. 

If you have any concerns, please let staff know.


New Zealand citizens or those who have obtained permanent residence are entitled to publicly funded health care.

Non-residents may be required to pay for their health care.

Click here to read more about eligibility for funded care at Lakes DHB.


12:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

Mon – Sunmidnight – midnight

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Public Holidays: Open on all public holidays..
Christmas: Open 20 Dec — 7 Jan.

Travel Directions

Access to the Emergency Department is via Pukeroa Road which runs between Arawa Street and Lake Road, and can be accessed by either road.

Signage on Pukeroa Road and all public carparks provide directions specifically to the building which houses the Emergency Department.


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While you wait

If your condition is deteriorating while you are waiting please let the triage nurse or receptionist know.

After assessment you may be asked to wait in the waiting area or in a treatment cubicle.  While you wait, hospital staff will try to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.  

If you need to leave the waiting area make sure you let staff know, and ask them before you eat or drink anything as it may affect your treatment.

You are entitled to have a support person with you.  We ask that you limit this to two people while you are in the Emergency Department.

Waiting can be frustrating, but for everyone's comfort and safety, please treat others with respect.  

Your trip to Rotorua Hospital

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  • Security

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