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Auckland DHB Diabetes Centre

Public Service

Diabetes Nurse/Duty Nurse/Community Clinics

Most (although not all) patients who come to the Diabetes Centre will see one of our specialist nurses. Their main role is to teach you about diabetes and how to look after your diabetes (for example how to test your blood sugars at home). They may also help adjust medication and insulin doses if required.

What Diabetes Nurses Do
We teach people with diabetes and their families:

  • steps necessary to reduce the risk of complications 
  • about effectively managing their glycaemic control with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes

We provide education and resources so people with diabetes and their families can develop an understanding of how this chronic disease affects them by:

  • teaching monitoring skills and how to interpret and take appropriate action to achieve treatment targets 
  • teaching what are healthy foods (with the dietitian) and necessary exercise
  • why it is important to always take medication as the doctor orders
  • teaching how to use insulin if this is necessary
  • teaching people how to cope with changes in life that occur e.g. holidays, festive times, stress.

We work with our team of doctors, dietitians, podiatrists and in shared care with General Practitioners.

Where Care is Provided From:

Auckland City Hospital
Held at:
• all wards who request the assistance of a Diabetes Nurse to help you while you are in hospital.
• as a patient you can ask for our assistance.

Greenlane Clinical Centre
How We Provide Support to You

  1. One on one sessions with you and your family/caregiver where we:
    • assess your needs
    • discuss with you how these problems can be solved
    • give support to you when you start using insulin and other medication
    • help you with other associated problems.
  2. Group sessions for: 
    • groups of people with similar problems
    • groups of people with an ethnic association needing interpreters.
  3. Telephone follow-up
    • we are happy to spend time with you on the telephone to discuss any issues you may have.

See under "Other" for our Diabetes Nursing Staff List.

Auckland Diabetes Centre
Held at: 
1st Floor, Building 4,
Greenlane Clinical Centre
214 Greenlane Road

Satellite Clinics

Avondale - Nurse and Dietitian
57 Rosebank Road
(Clinic room located in Aged Concern Building, next to Labtests)

Operates on: Thursdays - Weekly

City Clinic (Young Adults) - Nurse and Dietitian
University of Auckland - University Student Health and Counselling Service 
Level 3, Kate Edger Information Commons
2 Alfred Street
Auckland 1010

Operates on: Wednesday afternoon - Monthly 

City Clinic (Young Adults) Park Rd - Diabetologist
Auckland City Hospital 
Outpatient Clinic 
2 Park Road
Auckland 1010

Operates on: Tuesday - Monthly 


Grey Lynn - Nurse and Dietitian
Grey Lynn Community Centre
510 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn

Operates on Tuesdays - Fortnightly

Mt Roskill Satellite Clinic - Nurse and Dietitian
Wesley Community Centre
740 Sandringham Road extension
Mt Roskill

Operates on: Thursdays - Weekly

Oranga/Onehunga - Nurse
Oranga Community Centre 
52-54 Waitangi Road
One Tree Hill

Operates on: Thursdays - Fortnightly

                   Thursdays - Once a month Podiatry only

Glen Innes Satellite Clinic
Te Oro, Music and Arts Centre Workshop 1 (ground floor)
98 Line Road
Glen Innes

Operates on: Mondays Weekly for General Clinicans

                   Tuesdays - Fortnightly Podiatry only

Waiheke Island (General Clinician)
Waiheke Centre
61 Ostend Road
Waiheke Island

Operates on:  Wednesdays - BiMonthly (every 2 months)

Waiheke Island Satellite Clinic (Podiatry Only)
Waiheke Health Trust
5 Belgium Street
Waiheke Island

Operates on: every 6 months

Great Barrier Island - Nurse and Diabetologist
Great Barrier Island

Operates on: 18 months

These satellite clinics are available for those who are having difficulty getting into our Greenlane Centre due to mobility or transport problems. Places are limited in these clinics and we do not offer the full range of services in these areas (these clinics usually include nurses and dietitians only).

We also offer occasional clinics on Waiheke Island and Great Barrier Island; once again spaces in these clinics are limited and places are given based on need. 

Specialist Teams

Young Adult MultiDisciplinary Team (MDT) Clinic with the Young Adult Specialist Team (Diabetologist, Nurse, Dietitian, Psychologist) - Greenlane
Auckland Diabetes Centre, Level 1, Building 4, Greenlane Clinical Centre

Operates on: Monday afternoon - Fortnightly

Pump MDT Clinic (Insulin Pump) Clinic with the Pump Specialist Team (Diabetologist, Nurse, Dietitian) - Greenlane
Auckland Diabetes Centre, Level 1, Building 4, Greenlane Clinical Centre

Operates on: Bimonthly (every 2 months)

Diabetes Duty Nurse
Available: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.
Phone: (09) 623 6440 or 021 938 160 for a health professional within ADHB.


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