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Voice Therapy

Voice Therapy is available at Auckland City Hospital Outpatient Clinic on Level 6 of the Support Building.

Clinic hours: Monday to Friday: 7.30 am - 4.00 pm

Referrals need to be made via the Central Referrals Office for Auckland DHB.  Please email or fax a written referral to Central Referrals Office and specify that the referral is for voice therapy:


  • Email:
  • External Fax:      09 6380402
  • Internal Fax:       26424


Speech and Language Therapists:

  • Carlene Perris
  • Esther Ong
  • Jennifer Holmes

All patients with voice problems need to be assessed first by a laryngologist. The gold standard assessment for a patient with persistent voice problems should be through stroboscopy which is available at Auckland City Hospital.

Voice Therapy focuses on the optimal management of voice disorders either through the services of the speech language therapist alone or jointly with the laryngologist when medical intervention is also appropriate.

Voice therapy is effectively the use of procedures that enable a particular patient to relieve problems and develop a satisfactory voice. Therapy is an individualised process. Simply telling the patient to “rest the voice” can be totally inadequate and indeed in some cases totally inappropriate. Avoiding laryngeal irritants and the use of steam inhalations may be useful.

 Voice disorders can reflect: 

  • structural problems
  • neurological (nerve) problems
  • hyperfunction, which can occur with or without mucosal (airway lining) changes

Changes in voice quality can be described as rough, breathy, weak, strained, inappropriate pitch, inappropriate volume, inappropriate resonance.

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