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What is General Surgery?
The role of the General Surgical Department varies from hospital to hospital, but in broad terms general surgery can be said to deal with a wide range of conditions within the abdomen, breast, neck and skin.
While the name would suggest that the focus of general surgery is to perform operations, often this is not the case. Many patients are referred to surgeons with conditions that do not need surgical procedures, but merely require counselling or medical treatment.
The Wellington Hospital General Surgery Department primarily provides a secondary level service for acute and elective general surgical patients in the Wellington region and Kapiti Coast. This includes outpatient, day case and inpatient provision.

A regional tertiary service for both elective and acutes is also provided.

The General Surgical Department comprises several specialty areas: Breast Surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Upper GI Surgery and Hepatobiliary Surgery.


Referral Expectations

When you come to your appointment, your surgeon will ask questions about your illness and examine you to try to determine or confirm the diagnosis. This process may also require a number of tests (e.g. blood tests, x-rays, scans etc). Sometimes this can all be done during one visit, but for some conditions this will take several follow-up appointments. Occasionally some tests are arranged even before your appointment to try to speed up the process.
Once a diagnosis has been made, your surgeon will discuss treatment with you. In some instances this will mean surgery, while other cases can be managed with medication and advice. If surgery is advised, the steps involved in the surgical process and the likely outcome are usually discussed with you at this time.

Common Conditions

  • Fasting Before your Surgery or Procedure - Adults and Young People 16+ Years - Patient Information

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  • Elective Surgery Adult at Kenepuru Hospital

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  • Elective Surgery Adult at Wellington Hospital - Patient Information

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  • Bowel Surgery

    Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) is an internationally recognised pathway for improving your patient journey from surgery to home.… More PDF

  • Breast Disorders

    General surgery covers breast diseases including breast cancer. These conditions are often initially dealt with in a specialised breast clinic which is able to perform a number of investigations (e.g.… More

  • Breast Surgery (with a Wound Drain) - Perioperative Services - Patient Discharge Information

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  • Breast Surgery (without a Wound Drain) - Perioperative Services - Patient Discharge Information

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  • Central Region Metabolic and Bariatric Service

    Patients with obesity should be referred only if they express an interest in pursuing surgery as an option for management. … More PDF

  • Cholecystectomy - Perioperative Services - Patient Discharge Information

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  • Endocrine Disorders

    Abnormalities of the endocrine system treated by general surgery include disorders of the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the neck, and adrenal glands in the abdomen. These are often very complex conditions requiring extensive investigations.… More

  • Examination Under Anaesthesia (EUA) and Laying Open of a Superficial Fistula (Fistulotomy) - Perioperative Services - Patient Discharge Information

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  • Gallstones

    General surgery covers some disorders of the liver and biliary system.… More

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders

    Conditions of the gut dealt with by general surgery include disorders of the oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, large bowel and anus.… More

  • Haemorrhoidectomy - Perioperative Services - Patient Discharge Information

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  • Banding of Haemorrhoids - Patient Information

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  • Hernias

    A hernia exists where part of the abdominal wall is weakened, and the contents of the abdomen push through to the outside.… More PDF

  • Lung Surgery - Information for Patients

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  • Minor Surgery for Skin Lesions Under Local Anaesthesia - Dermatology Clinic Patient Information

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  • Pilonidal Sinus - Perioperative Services

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  • Seton Suture - Perioperative Services - Patient Discharge Information

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  • Skin Disorders

    Skin conditions dealt with by general surgery include lumps, tumours and other lesions of the skin and underlying tissues.… More

  • Surgical Assessment & Planning Unit (SAPU) Short Stay & Assessment Beds - Patient Information

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  • Temporal Artery Biopsy (Vascular Services Patients) - Perioperative Services - Patient Discharge Information

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  • Upper GI / Liver Service

    The Upper GI/Liver Service manages benign and malignant conditions of the upper gastrointestinal tract, and liver and pancreatic systems.  Malignant conditions include cancer of the liver (primary and secondary), pancreatic cancer and cancer of the oesophagus and stomach.  Benign conditions include gallstone disease, pancreatitis, reflux oesophagitis and achalasia.… More PDF

  • Wound Care Following Skin Surgery - Patient Information

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Parking areas for patients and visitors are provided as follows:

Main Public Car Park - entrance off Riddiford Street. This is a well lit car park with mechanical barrier arms at the entrance.
Collect your ticket on arrival from the machine on entering the underground car park. All parking fees are payable when you leave the car park at any Auto Pay Station. You can pay with notes, coins or credit cards at the Auto Pay Station.
Alternatively there is an ASB ATM cashflow machine in the main atrium on Level 2. This machine accepts most major cards. 

Parking Prices for Main Public Car Park

Monday to Friday

0 - 20 mins


20 mins - 1 hour


1 - 2 hours


2 - 3 hours


3 - 4 hours


4 - 5 hours


5+ hours


Parking Prices for Pay and Display Coupon areas

0 - 1 hour


1 - 2 hours


2 - 3 hours


3 - 4 hours


4+ hours


Wellington Hospital map showing public car parking.

Car Park Management
Care Park manage the hospital car park in accordance with the C&CDHB Car Park Management Plan. Cars may be towed away if parked in no parking zones (yellow lines). Enforcement Notices are issued in Pay and Display areas where no valid coupon is displayed. All net income from the parking is used by C&CDHB to fund other projects such as the free patient shuttle from Kenepuru to Wellington Hospitals or an on-site shuttle service for patients.
Care Park contact: 0800 227 372.


Whanau Care Services
Accommodation at Te Pehi Parata Whanau Whare for patients & whanau.
Temporary accommodation is provided for patients and whanau who are supporting an inpatient from outside the Capital & Coast District Health Board region.
Sometimes patients who are booked to have surgery at Wellington Hospital need to come in before their operation to be assessed by the doctors or nurses. They may be asked to be at hospital early on the morning of their surgery. This can be difficult for patients who live out of the Wellington region.
Accommodation is limited with pre-booking advised. There is one room per whanau for three or four people depending on availability.
Book through Whanau Care Services between 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
The cost of a room is $30.00 a night with a $10.00 refundable key bond.

Motels -There are several motels in the area that have reasonable prices.

Contact Details

General Enquiries: (04) 385 5999
Fax: (04) 385 5856

Emergency Department: Open 24 hours / 7 days, Phone (04) 385 5999

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