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What is the Auckland DHB Haemophilia Centre?

We are a Comprehensive Care Centre for haemophilia and related bleeding disorders. We provide a complete service for all people living in the wider Auckland region. Children and adults with any level of severity can access services provided by the Centre.

Services include:

  • Rapid response to any bleeding episode
  • Annual review
  • Advice
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation

Who works at the Centre?

  • Specialist haemophilia nurses
  • Haematologists
  • Physiotherapist
  • Administrative support

What does the Centre do?
The Auckland Haemophilia Centre helps to coordinate the care of people living with bleeding disorders throughout the wider Auckland region. The Centre also helps to manage factor replacement products for people with bleeding disorders.

Because it is important that all bleeding episodes are managed promptly, the Centre aims to review all severe acute bleeding cases rapidly, generally within 24 hours of a bleed being reported to a doctor or specialist nurse.

The Centre aims to provide a review of all patients annually, in order to ensure that each patient is receiving the correct level of advice and support in managing their bleeding disorder.

Review appointments are held at the Auckland Haemophilia Centre. You may be seen by a specialist nurse, doctor or physiotherapist. We aim to coordinate appointments so that you only have one visit to the Centre.

If you require further visits, for example a series of appointments with your physiotherapist, you may be asked to attend either:

  • Greenlane Clinical Centre – Physiotherapy Outpatients, Level 1, Building 7 (Adults)
  • Starship Children’s Health – Children’s Therapy, Level 3 (Children)

Referral Expectations

Your GP can refer you for assessment at the Auckland Haemophilia Centre, where you may be seen by a specialist nurse, haematologist or physiotherapist.  We make every effort to coordinate these appointments within a single visit to the Haemophilia Centre.

We also provide direct access for patients to our service. This means that you can contact the Haemophilia Centre directly. All bleeding episodes should be reported to the specialist haemophilia nurse at the Haemophilia Centre by calling (09) 307 4949 x25285/0211954262.

If you have been referred for a physiotherapy assessment because of a new bleeding episode, we aim to provide assessment and rehabilitation as soon as possible after the bleeding has stopped.

Once a referral has been received we contact each patient within 24 hours of receipt to offer a physiotherapy appointment. We aim to provide physiotherapy appointments within one working day of contact with the patient. 


How Much will my Treatment and Rehabilitation Cost?

New Zealand citizens or those who have obtained permanent residence are entitled to publicly funded healthcare.

Appointments at the Haemophilia Centre, Auckland City Hospital and at Outpatient Physiotherapy, Greenlane Clinical Centre, are free for New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. You will not be charged for treatment or rehabilitation following a bleeding episode. Equipment such as crutches, cold packs or compression bandages can also be supplied free of charge.

Non-residents may be required to pay for their healthcare. If you were not born in New Zealand and have not previously shown evidence of residency you should bring your passport with you on your first visit to the hospital for verification.

You should show your passport to the Cashier's desk, next to the main reception desk on Level 5. This desk is staffed from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

On occasion, some patients may be recommended extra items of equipment. In cases such as these, you may be charged for the cost of the equipment. The purchase of extra items of equipment is entirely optional and will not affect the standard of care you receive from either the Haemophilia Centre or Outpatient Physiotherapy.

Members of the Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand can also request financial assistance from the foundation if a person is unable to afford equipment. Your regional community outreach worker can help to facilitate this.


Mon – Fri7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

For urgent advice outside of these hours, call Auckland City Hospital on (09) 379 7440 and ask for the on-call haematology registrar.

Auckland City Hospital

Mon – Fri7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Services / Procedures / Treatments

  • Expectations of Patients

    Because we aim to offer a high-quality service that provides the best possible outcome for our patients, we want to know about every bleeding episode as soon as possible.… More

  • Haemophilia and other Bleeding Disorders

    What is Haemophilia?
    Haemophilia is a life-long blood clotting disorder which, in most cases, affects boys.… More PDF

  • How do I Recognise a Bleed and What Should I do?

    How do I Recognise a Bleed?
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  • The PRICE Regimen

    The PRICE Regimen

    Reduce weight bearing or stress on the affected joint or muscle by using crutches or other supports such as a 'collar and cuff' for the arm.… More

  • Factor Product Information

    For people with Haemophilia A there are three different factor replacement products available:… More

  • How to Access Nursing Services for Haemophilia

    If you are registered with the Haemophilia Centre, you can contact nursing staff directly on (09) 307 4949, extension 25285/0211954262.… More

  • How to Access Physiotherapy Services

    Your specialist nurse or doctor will refer you for physiotherapy.… More

  • What can I Expect from a Physiotherapy Appointment?

    Physiotherapy services for children are provided in a dedicated children's therapy area on Level 3 of Starship Hospital on the Grafton site, Park Road, Auckland.… More

  • Factor Usage Reporting Form

    It is important to record when you use Factor, either for prophylaxis or when treating a bleeding episode.… More PDF


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