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Expectations of Patients

Because we aim to offer a high-quality service that provides the best possible outcome for our patients, we want to know about every bleeding episode as soon as possible.

In order for the team to provide rapid assessment and treatment, it is essential that every bleeding episode is reported within 24 hours of onset. We know that the sooner we are able to assess and treat a bleed, the better the outcome for our patients. We also know that delayed reporting of bleeds can mean that a patient experiences more pain, may be off work for a longer time or may be at an increased risk of long-term joint damage and disability.

You can report your bleed directly to the Haemophilia Centre nurses or physiotherapist by telephone or email. You can also use our smart phone app which automatically alerts the team when you have had a bleed. In order to download this free app, visit the 'Care Factory' website at www.carefactory.co.nz

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