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What can I Expect from a Physiotherapy Appointment?

Physiotherapy services for children are provided in a dedicated children's therapy area on Level 3 of Starship Hospital on the Grafton site, Park Road, Auckland.

Adult physiotherapy appointments are provided in Outpatient Physiotherapy on Level 1 of Building 7 at the Greenlane Clinical Centre, Greenlane Road, Auckland.

Your physiotherapist will aim to offer you an appointment around two days after you have reported a bleed to your specialist nurse.

You will be asked some questions related to your haemophilia and how this condition affects your life. Some people feel that this can be a little easier with the support of whānau. Please bring family members to the appointment with you if you wish.

Your physiotherapist will also examine your muscles and joints. If it is your first assessment or you have not been seen for around one year, you will have several different types of measurements taken, including the movement of your joints and the strength of your muscles.

You may be asked to remove your shoes and socks so that the therapist can examine your pattern of walking. Please wear comfortable shorts to your appointment if you are able to, as most assessments will include an examination of your hips, knees and ankles.

Based on your assessment, your physiotherapist will then give you advice and exercises to carry out. A series of physiotherapy appointments may be required. The therapist may also use other treatments such as ultrasound (using high-frequency sound waves).

You may be referred for further specialist assessment, for example, to an orthotist who can assess your feet for special footwear.

It is important that you attend each of your appointments and do all the exercises as often as you are advised to for maximum benefit.

Please do let your physiotherapist know if you are having problems.

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