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What to expect?

If your general practitioner (GP) feels you require an urgent assessment for an infectious disease problem they will discuss this with one of the infectious diseases doctors and you will be seen at Auckland City Hospital. One of the infectious diseases doctors will ask you a large number of questions and examine you. It is likely you will have a number of tests performed that may include blood tests, a urine test and x-rays. You may need to stay in hospital for further tests and treatment.
During your hospital stay the doctors looking after you will carefully explain what they think is causing your illness and what tests and treatment you will require. You will be able to ask questions at any time during your stay.
At the time of discharge from hospital your GP will receive a letter informing them of your diagnosis and what further tests, treatment and follow up will be required.
You may need to be seen by the infectious diseases service in the outpatient clinic following your discharge from the hospital.

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