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Outpatient Service

What to expect?
If your general practitioner (GP) feels you require a non urgent assessment you will be referred to our outpatient clinic. An appointment will be scheduled for you with one of our doctors and a letter with appointment details will be sent to you.

Referrals are given priority depending on the information in the referral letter. Average waiting times for an appointment range from 1-2 weeks for the most urgent referrals to 1-2 months for the least urgent referrals. 

Bring the following with you to the appointment:
- a list of the medications you are taking
- any x-rays or other medical information normally kept by you at home that may be relevant to this appointment (you do not need to seek this information from your GP or other doctors).

Should an interpreter be required for you because you do not speak English as a first language (including those who use sign language), the interpreter will be arranged prior to your appointment.

At your outpatient clinic appointment, one of the infectious diseases doctors will ask you a number of questions and examine you. It is likely you will have a number of tests performed which may include blood tests, a urine test and x-rays.
The doctor seeing you will carefully explain what they think is causing your illness and whether you require further tests or treatment. You will be able to ask any questions you have at this time. You may need to be seen again in the infectious diseases clinic for further review.
Your general practitioner (GP) will receive a letter informing them of your diagnosis and what further tests, treatment and follow up will be required.

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