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Recovery is the guiding principle of care provided at Te Whetu Tawera (TWT).  Recovery means living well in the presence – or absence – of mental illness and the many losses that can come in the wake of mental illness.  Recovery is supported at TWT by: working with our service users to stay in touch with their community, minimising coercion, promoting choices, and most importantly by expecting recovery to happen.
We offer a range of programmes and activities that promote recovery through exercise, spiritual wellbeing, art, music, therapeutic relaxation, accurate information about medications and developing specific skills to help one live well in the presence of a mental illness. These skills include Distress Tolerance, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, managing auditory hallucinations (hearing voices).  Below is a sample calendar of activities to give you an idea about how a day at TWT is structured:

Sample Recovery Programme


 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
Karakia Community Meeting Te Roopu Puawai Domain Walk Art Therapy
Domain Walk Swimming Hearing Voices Meet the Pharmacist CBT Group
CBT Group Foot Spas Yoga Afternoon Prayers Swimming
Drumming (monthly) Physio Gym Distress Tolerance Skills Relaxation Training Movie

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