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Counties Manukau Health Koropiko (Mental Health Services for Older People)

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Finding Support

If you are feeling anxious, down, not sleeping or generally just not feeling yourself the best person to talk to is your GP. If you don't have a GP click here to find one close to your home. If your GP thinks that you would benefit from specialised services they will refer you to Koropiko Mental Health Services for Older People.

Your GP may also recommend you contact one of the many NGO Mental Health and Addiction Services in your area. NGOs (Non-government organisations) are non-profit, independent, community organisations that provide support to people who have experienced or are experiencing mental illness. There are a wide variety of different services available but all aim to assist you on their journey to wellness and to maintain your quality of life.

If you feel alone or need someone to talk to there are a number of helplines you can call to discuss your concerns and learn about ways you can get help. These include:

Click here for a full list of helplines in New Zealand

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