Your Rights and Responsibilities within the Renal Service

As a team we are all very motivated to provide you with the best healthcare we can. We try to go the extra mile to make everything go smoothly for you, however we can’t do it alone. You and your family need to be actively involved to get the very best for you.

What you can expect from us?
Your renal physician will review you in clinic to help optimise your care. If you are on dialysis you will be seen for 40 minutes to 1 hour in clinic once every 4-6 months for a full review. Inbetween times, your nursing team will discuss your current problems and lab results with the doctor. To ensure that you get the best from your outpatient appointments we suggest the following:

  • Allow plenty of time for parking at Whangarei Hospital so you aren’t late
  • Write down any questions you want to ask
  • Consider bringing a support person with you
  • Bring your medications to clinic
  • Write your appointment on the calendar as there can be a long wait to get re-booked if you forget to come.

You will have a designated renal nurse team if you are nearing or are on dialysis, have a renal transplant or are on strong immunosuppressant drugs. They will be your first point of contact if you have a problem. If you live out of Whangarei you can ring your local hospital and ask to be put through to the Whangarei Renal Unit and avoid a toll call. Your nurse team will track your laboratory tests, keep in phone contact with you and see you at some of your clinic appointments if needed.

The renal dietitians are an important part of the team and will be available to help you with a food plan when appropriate.

The renal social workers are also here to guide you with accessing the financial and social support available and necessary to enable you to be the best you can.

The Takawaenga service is also available to ensure we are meeting your cultural and spiritual needs. There are also hospital chaplains available if you prefer.

You can expect that all staff members will treat you with dignity and respect throughout your journey with us. We are pleased to hear your views and those of your family and welcome any suggestions for improvement.

What we expect from you:
We can only provide you with guidance about the management of your health problems. In the end it is up to you to come to clinic, get your lab tests done, take your medications and keep to your diet and fluid restrictions. We would hope that you will come to appreciate that your health is better if you are able to follow the advice given to you.

However, we also have to be aware that healthcare costs the country a lot of money, particularly dialysis, which costs in excess of $80,000 for each patient per year. It is all of our responsibility to ensure that the money we are spending is used wisely and for as much benefit as possible. If together we decide to proceed with dialysis or transplant therapy for you, it should be with the clear understanding that you are committing to trying to do this as well as you can. We expect that you will arrive on time to scheduled treatments, will do the treatment as prescribed, and will not waste your home supplies.

Just as we treat you with respect and dignity, so we expect to be treated in the same way in return. Rudeness and aggression towards staff is not tolerated from either patients or their visitors.

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