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Home Dialysis Unit

Home dialysis is recognised around the world as offering people the best quality of life, and quality of treatment, for people on dialysis. New Zealand is proud to be recognised as a world leader in home dialysis, and ‘Home First’ is always our recommendation to new and existing dialysis patients if this is at all possible.

There are two kinds of home dialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Haemodialysis; both are offered at Auckland Hospital from our purpose built home dialysis training and support building at Greenlane Clinical Centre. This unit was built in 2011 and is staffed by a dedicated team of specialist nurses, technicians, dietitians, support staff and doctors.

The two types of home dialysis are quite different from each other, and one or the other may suit you best. Prior to starting home dialysis you will meet with members of the home dialysis team who will discuss the pros and cons of each type of home dialysis with you and how it might fit with your family, life and work commitments. They will visit you at home to give you an idea of how home dialysis will fit in with your household and to check that home dialysis is suitable for you.

When it is time to start home dialysis you and/or your whānau/family/carers will spend a period of time learning all the skills needed to successfully dialyse at home. Once confident to begin your home dialysis you will be supported by staff from the home dialysis unit with regular medical reviews, home visits, advice and 24/7 access to staff skilled in their choice of home dialysis.

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