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Home Haemodialysis

For many people Home Haemodialysis will offer you the best quality of life, and quality of treatment possible with haemodialysis.

Like hospital based haemodialysis, home haemodialysis involves using a machine to clean the blood several times a week. The major advantage of home haemodialysis over hospital haemodialysis is that you are able to choose how to fit this in amongst the other important things in your daily life. Many people continue to work full time whilst performing home haemodialysis. Some people choose to do their treatments overnight (and sleep through the treatment), freeing their days for other things.

Your motivation is the key factor to successful home haemodialysis. We try to accommodate all people who wish to start home haemodialysis, and our experienced team are experts in overcoming hurdles that might prevent you getting home.

Before you enter the program a member of the home haemodialysis team will arrange to meet with you at home to discuss with you the process of home haemodialysis and how it might fit into your life and household. If you and the team are happy to proceed, and it is time for you to start dialysis, you will then train to use the machine and trouble shoot any problems at the Home Dialysis Unit at Greenlane Hospital. Training usually take 2-3 months and occurs during your usual dialysis treatments. During that time, you will become confident with all parts of your treatment. Many people train to do the dialysis themselves, however we also train whānau, family, carers and support people to do the treatment if that would suit you better.

When you are ready to go home we will arrange to have your own machine installed in the chosen location and you’re ready to go. Your trainer will continue to support you at home and there is 24/7 access to expert help on any aspect of your treatment. Your trainer will visit you at home as needed whilst you adapt, and you’ll continue to receive support from your trainer during your time on home haemodialysis. You will come to the Home Dialysis Unit at regular intervals for reviews where you can discuss all aspects of your treatment with the home haemodialysis nurses, doctors and dietitians.

If needed, you can return to the Home Dialysis Unit for a period of time for a rest from doing your own treatments (respite care), if for example you or family members are unwell.

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