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What is Multiple Sclerosis?
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition where the body's own immune system causes damage to the myelin (fatty coating of nerves) which covers the nerves in the brain and spinal cord.
MS causes inflammation and damage to the myelin sheath which distorts and slows down the electrical messages and in turn causes MS symptoms.
MS is more common in women than men (3:1) and is often diagnosed between the ages of 20-50.
The most common form of MS is the Relapsing Remitting sort where symptoms can occur (relapses/attacks/exacerbations) followed by periods of recovery (remission). Other sorts of MS are:
Secondary Progressive MS - which occurs in a percentage of people with relapsing remitting MS after a period of 15-20yrs
Primary Progressive MS - often with lesions in the spinal cord which controls the lower limbs.
For further information on how MS is diagnosed, symptom management and diet/lifestyle please see the attached information booklets.
Your MS symptoms will never be exactly the same as another person's MS symptoms. It is very important not to compare yourself to other people you may know with MS.
If you have MS and are experiencing symptoms that are worrying you and/or are altering your daily life and routine please contact or self refer to the MS Nursing service to discuss or discuss this with your GP.
Our role is to provide you and your whānau with a named contact person who you can ask questions of and report new, recurring, suspected symptoms to. We use expert telephone triage skills to assess your symptoms and, should the situation indicate, we will arrange for urgent reviews with your neurologist. Please read the MS Nursing Service information sheet below for further details about what our service can offer you.
We would recommend you make contact with the Auckland MS Society  www.msakl.org.nz 
(09) 845 5921 to gain access to an MS fieldworker in your local area and to learn more about the range of community based services they can offer you.
Useful and reliable websites for further information regarding MS are:

Referral Expectations

We are contactable via telephone or email and aim to return your call or message within a 24hr period if urgent. It is extremely helpful when making contact to state if you feel your query is urgent as this helps us prioritise your call back.

Should you think you may be experiencing an MS relapse please review the 'Recognising a relapse' PDF guide in the Downloads section.

MS Nurse appointments are also available and we aim to see you within 14 days of self referring or your GP or primary care provider contacting the MS Nursing service.


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