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Community Midwifery Team (CMT)

Geographical boundaries of the CMT

The CMT do not provide care for women living north of Whitby or in the Hutt Valley. Any woman living beyond these boundaries will be supported to access postnatal midwifery services by another midwifery provider. The team will arrange this transfer of care as and when required.

The exception to this is when a woman who lives outside the Wellington area has a baby in NICU and is staying in NICU or Ronald McDonald house. We will provide their postnatal care.

Who are we?

The team is sub-divided into 3 teams covering North, South and West of Wellington Hospital.

What do the CMT midwives do?

We provide complete antenatal care from booking for those women who are unable to access a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC). Once your baby is born the team midwives will provide your care until your baby is six weeks old.

We do the ongoing midwifery care for those women who need consultant obstetrician secondary or tertiary level maternity care. These women will be receiving care from Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM), Antenatal diabetic, or one of the specialist antenatal clinic teams.

We will visit any CMT woman who has been admitted to the antenatal / postnatal wards.

We also provide joint antenatal care and most of the postnatal care for some private LMC Obstetricians.

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