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Tubal Ligation

A tubal ligation is permanent sterilisation for women with a completed family. At the assessment you will be given full information on what to expect when you come back to the hospital for your surgery.

Please have nothing to eat or drink for 6 hours prior to surgery. When you arrive for surgery you will be asked to change into a hospital gown. A pregnancy test maybe done to ensure you are not pregnant. A pre-operative checklist will be completed with the nurse. The surgeon will see you to ensure you understand the risks and side effects of Tubal Ligation and you will be asked to sign the operative consent. The anaesthetist will see you to ensure you are fit for general anaesthetic. Once you have had the surgery you will be moved on the bed to a recovery area in second stage recovery. Once you are fit you will go home.

We recommend someone drives you home and that you rest at home for 1-2 days afterwards. There is no need for follow-up after your surgery at the clinic. If you have been taking contraceptive pills please continue until you have completed the month you have started. You can expect your periods to remain the same (bearing in mind that the pill can make your periods lighter).

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