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Labour Pain

 If I need some pain relief what can you give me?

Pamphlet - pain relief choices

 Non-medical (non-pharmacological) pain relief

  • Water. We have showers in every birthing room and some baths. Water helps reduce pain and helps you relax
  • Heat packs – We have our own. Safety rules mean we cannot use your wheat bags or hot water bottles
  • Movement and touch. Your midwife will make suggestions of things for you and your supporters to try. If you are on your own, your midwife will be your supporter
  • Music - bring your favourite relaxing music  
  • pamphlet non-pharmacologocal

Medical pain relief

  • Entenox (gas & air/laughing gas) in every birthing room. We use mouthpieces (not masks) for you to breathe it through
  • Pethidine – this is an injection which goes into a large muscle e.g. your bottom, or into a vein in your hand/arm through a special tube called a luer (venflon)
  • Epidural. We have a 24 hour epidural service.  Sometimes you may have to wait if the specialist doctor (anaesthetist) is busy with someone else. pamphlet epidural from anaesthetics
  • Other medicines. There is a small group of women who cannot safely have an epidural but need strong pain relief. Your midwife will call the anaesthetist for you to discuss this

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