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Change in your Baby's Movements

You will probably start to feel your baby moving by around 16 weeks. By about 28 weeks you can start to see a pattern to the movements.

It is really important if you feel your baby is not moving as he/she normally does that you do something about it.  We know that sometimes babies who change how they move are unwell. Telling a midwife as soon as you are worried can mean that, if baby is unwell, we can help.

By a change in movements we mean:

  • no movements
  • less or slower movements than you feel are normal
  • odd movements like really fast or big
  • anything which makes you worried.

We know that living every minute of every day means you are the best person to decide if something is not normal with movements. Even if everything is fine when we see you, and baby starts moving normally, it is best to check.

It is never a waste of our time.

Pamphlet - My Baby's Movements

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