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Induction of Labour

When we start your labour instead of waiting for your body to start itself it is called induction. 

There are a few reasons why we would want to this.

  • You are very overdue. Pamphlet - Post dates pregnancy
  • Your baby is not growing as well as he/she should.
  • Your baby is fine now but we are worried that he/she may become unwell if not born soon.
  • There is not a lot of fluid (waters) around baby.

If one of our doctors or your midwife thinks that induction is a good idea they will explain the reasons why. Never be afraid to ask questions.

Talk to your midwife about what sort of things we do to start labour – she will be able to talk about what is likely for you. It all depends on how many babies you have had before, what sort of births you have had and sometimes how many weeks you are.

Pamphlet - Induction of Labour

Pamphlet - Induction of Labour in Samoan

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